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IMC                                                                                                               IMCCOMP                                       ASS                  0 20

INT’L METALWORKING CO.                                                                                                                             320 340                  NW    N
                                                                                                                                                                  W                        NE

                        	 IMC Members are prohibited from engaging any activities which may lead to:                                                                         260SW S
                        	 (i)	 Prohibited business arrangements such as monopolies, cartels or trusts                                                             280
                        	 (ii)	 Influencing a government or a public service official                                                                                               S
                        	 (iii)	 Securing improper advantages from a government or a public official
                        	 (iv)	 Unduly affecting government or public official decision-making process                                                                            220 240
                        	 (v)	 Unduly securing business as a result of influence on government or public officials
                        		 IMC operates a complete ban on corrupt practices. This includes any cases of “wilful 	
                        		 blindness” or other actions to circumvent or avoid working according to the law.

                        		 We expressly prohibit any direct or indirect offers, payments, cash transfers and monetary
                        		 gifting, as well as the provision of other advantages, or anything else of value, with the
                        		 corrupt intent of gaining “something in return”, “quid pro quo” from a government or public
                        		 official or from any other person.

                        		 Facilitation payments are expressly prohibited, even if they are permitted by local laws. No 	
                        		 IMC Member or Business Associates shall participate in any such payment.

                        IMC Research and Development Center

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