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ASS                                                           0 20
IMC                     B	Fair Dealings                                                                                                                                         NW         N
                                                                                                                                                            320 340
INT’L METALWORKING CO.      1	 Protecting Corporate Assets                                                                                                            300W                          N
                            	 We are committed to protecting data privacy, corporate assets and confidential information. 	
                            	 Any misuse of corporate assets or information may prejudice business operations and cause 	                                                        SW        S
                            	 irreparable harm, costs, legal proceedings, loss of profit, and damage to our reputation
                            	 and goodwill.                                                                                                                                           260  220 240

                        	 Such risks exist regardless of whether the subject asset belongs to IMC Members or to any of
                        	 our Business Associates. Accordingly, IMC Members should exercise a reasonable degree 	
                        	 of care to limit disclosure of proprietary confidential information, and to prevent misuse and/or
                        	 disclosure of information by other third parties.

                        	 Every IMC employee is expected to strictly follow IMC policies and instructions regarding
                        	 computer and online media use.

                        2	 Fair Competition and Interaction with Third Parties
                            We expect all IMC Members and staff to act with complete integrity and fair play. We recognize
                            the inherent mutual benefits of conducting good-faith interactions with third parties.

                        IMC maintains internal controls to monitor and ensure that IMC publications or materials will not
                        unfairly infringe the rights of third parties, and will not include any information or reference which
                        may be misleading.

                        Any manipulation, concealment, misrepresentation, inducement of others to breach
                        confidentiality obligations or any other unfair competition practices is inconsistent with the IMC
                        Compass and will be expressly prohibited and strictly avoided by all IMC Members.

                        3	 Accurate Documentation
                             Corporate documents produced by IMC Members should be made in a full, fair, accurate,
                             timely, and understandable way. IMC managers are expected to ensure that the company is
                             operating and complying with applicable regulations. For any required advice on such matters,
                             each manager may contact the IMC legal and/or finance teams in Tefen.

                             No documents, records, recordings or anything which reflects occurrence of any event shall
                             ever be falsified, “back-dated”, “re-constructed” or changed retrospectively, for any reason.

                             Our internal networked systems facilitate real-time individual monitoring. This enables
                             management to execute broad-based long-term business planning, resource allocation, and to
                             prevent and minimize unauthorized or improper dealings.

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